Get the pro plans for free!

If you’re a blogger you can avail DoSplash’s Pro plans for free. Find out how!

If you write a review about DoSplash or write about the Pro plans (you can do this only after using the pro plans for a while), you can avail the Pro plans for free.

The review should be totally honest. You don’t have to write an all-good review!

  • If you have a site with Pagerank greater than 2 and Domain Authority greater than 30, you can avail 3 months of Silver plan for free.
  • If you have a site with Pagerank greater than 4 and Domain Authority greater than 40, you can avail 3 months of Gold plan for free.

Please contact me with your site url before you write about DoSplash or its services. I will have to manually review your site. In general we don’t accept low quality sites, sites with thin content, sites with review-only content and so on. If I reject your blog for any reason, please don’t take it personally!

Add DoSplash hot stories widget to your sidebar and avail 1 month Silver Plan for free!

Please note that your site has to have a Google Pagerank of 1 or more to avail this feature

Here is the Widget Code